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Yamanaka Collection

Yamanaka Collection

Resident artist Phil Ross grew a series of fungal furniture at the workshop in Fall 2012. All pieces were grown in a clean room constructed on site and the furniture was dried in our kiln. 

The Yamanaka collection owe their name to Shigeru Yamanaka, a Japanese scientist who described how fungal cells can be used as a natural binding agent for different materials.

Each piece is unique, priced according to size.


Baby Yamanakita

Reishi mushroom, oak

11" x 13" x 20"


Tall Yamanakita

Reishi mushroom, oak

11" x 18" x 20"


Yamanaka Wisdom

Reishi Mushroom, Spalted Oak 

24" x 24" xs 24"


Yamanaka McQueen

Reishi Mushroom, Red Oak

24" x 24" x 24"


Yamanaka Cross Stool 

Reishi Mushroom, Reclaimed Oak tasting sticks (used in wine making)

16" x 16" x 30"