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Alexis Arnold: Crystallization Workshop

Alexis Arnold: Crystallization Workshop

Saturday, May 10th, 2-6pm

Alexis will be leading a crystallization workshop where objects are immersed in a solution of Borax salt and water, manipulated, and then placed in a dehydration chamber. 

We will provide materials like steel wool, copper mesh, and rope to use to create simple sculptures to crystallize. Bring your own object(s) you would like to crystallize. Things Alexis has crystallized: bike wheels, crab shells, stuffed animals, antique kitchen tools, a wig, bundt pans, a cactus, rocks, branches, etc

The objects will take approximately 2 weeks to dehydrate completely. We will have everyone's objects on display and they will be available to pick up at an opening event for Alexis on Saturday, May 24th, 1-4pm.


Images courtesy of Alexis Arnold.