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Agelio Batle: DIY lamp Kit SOLD OUT

Agelio Batle: DIY lamp Kit

Agelio Batle and 10 interns from Ruth Asawa School for the Arts collected 500 milk jugs from neighborhood coffee shops and cut, folded and crimped the translucent plastic to form 20 unique sculptural lamps. We offer the resulting DIY Kit for you to make your own at home. Make your own fabulous lamp using this kit plus 4 to 8 milk containers and common household tools.

This kit contains everything you need:

support ring

light fixture with cord

flourescent bulb 

one milk container

hanging hardware

instruction manual


*Ages 13+ (use of scissors)

*With this kit you will create your own illuminated sculpture. Since each sculpture will be different with your own unique configurations, we do not recommend leaving the lamp on unattended.