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Unique work by Aaron Turner: Independence (Sailboat)

Unique work by Aaron Turner: Independence (Sailboat)

Boat-builder and designer Aaron Turner lead the workshop through the process of building Independence, a faithful replica of the 1889 Coquina.

Originally designed in 1889 for his personal use by legendary boat builder Nathanael Herreshoff, this 18' Row / Sailboat design was modified by Doug Hylan for a glued-lapstrake construction.  This building method retains the graceful lines of the traditional design while providing a tight "mono-hull" that is sturdy and stable in a variety of weather conditions.

Independence was constructed over seven weeks at the Workshop Residence in 2013 with a total of 20 apprentices. The hull is made from Port Orford cedar, the boiled ribs and trim are white oak and the spars and masts are fir.  We launched her in the SF Bay, though we did not compete in the day's America's Cup events.

Independence is for sale, and available for viewing in the Workshop Residence store in San Francisco.