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Workshop Residence

Workshop Residence is a for-profit social enterprise commissioning fine artists to design functional objects and support local makers in production.  Working along with WR founder and San Francisco patron of the arts Ann Hatch, as the founding Director, Braden facilitated the design and production of over 25 artist-designed products manufactured in the San Francisco Bay Area and sold through over 50 retail stores worldwide. For a complete list of projects visit Workshop Residence.

"Although I was only a resident at WR for one month, I continually visit The Workshop Residence for inspiration. My two sons continued to intern at WR and have had some of the fondest memories of their youth. We have seen nearly all projects that have come through their doors. Taken together, the projects address urgent issues including sustainability, local manufacturing and community building. Braden has built, both figuratively and literally, a dynamic and inclusive hub; a well-spring that is a visionary model of hope for interns, artists, designers, makers, local businesses, and really anyone who walks through its doors."
--Agelio Batle (excerpt from letter of recommendation)