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Architectural Ornament

Much of my formative experience at Yale was under the direction and mentorship of Professor Kent Bloomer.  I enrolled in his Introduction to Architecture, and later petitioned to take his graduate course in 3D Forms and Materials.  This course featured the exploration of computer aided design, and we were asked to stretch the limits of the (then state of the art) 5-axis foam cutter and CNC router by machining a foam prototype and casting the part into bronze at the Laran Foundry.  Upon completion of this course, Kent offered me a summer apprenticeship in his studio - which I found to be an immersive and inspiring environment--a true atelier where design, mock ups, prototypes and finished products happened under one roof, with fluidity, commitment to quality but also efficiency in each step. That summer turned into a productive year off from school between my Junior and Senior years, working full time for Kent.

I learned to take my time with a design, and build it out carefully and precisely.  I made models from which I would later calculate construction measurements for elements I fabricated by hand, hammering sheets of aluminum into a arch of scrolling leaves.  I helped to sculpt fantastic and grotesque faces that were cast in stone and would stand for many years.  

After completing the earthquake-reconstruction work in China with Build Change, and before joining Workshop Residence, I spent another four months with Bloomer Studio managing the production / fabrication of 18 large acroterions and 300+ intricate cast aluminum roof ornaments for the renovation of a Federal courthouse in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.